28. September 2023

D-Central Launches Hash No Cash Promotion: Revolutionizing ASIC Repair

– D-Central Technologies Inc. is launching the “Hash No Cash” program, making its ASIC repair services available to all cryptocurrency miners in North America.
– This initiative allows miners to pay for repairs without cash, instead accepting broken hardware as payment.
– The “Hash No Cash” program promotes sustainability and decentralization in cryptocurrency mining by reducing electronic waste.

D-Central Launches Innovative “Hash No Cash” Promotion

D-Central Technologies Inc., a leader in the cryptocurrency mining industry, is expanding its revolutionary “Hash No Cash” program to all cryptocurrency miners across North America. This innovative initiative allows miners to pay for ASIC repairs with broken hardware instead of cash, encouraging sustainability and decentralization in cryptocurrency mining by reducing electronic waste.

Revolutionary Initiative Transforms Landscape of Repair Services

The “Hash No Cash” program provides high quality repair services at no cost, dramatically transforming the landscape of ASIC repair services and making them accessible to all miners regardless of scale. This initiative also allows miners to save their capital for strategic investments such as new hardware purchases.

Commitment To Fostering Sustainable Solutions For Miners

The launch of the “Hash No Cash” program demonstrates D-Central’s commitment to fostering sustainable solutions for miners in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency mining. CEO Jonathan Bertrand stated that this innovative approach will make it easier for miners to maintain and repair their hardware while keeping their capital intact for other investments.

Environmental Sustainability Through Electronic Waste Reduction

In addition to providing efficient and affordable repair services, the “Hash No Cash” program contributes significantly towards environmental sustainability by reducing electronic waste. By repairing and repurposing broken hardware instead of disposing it off as scrap, D-Central is playing an important role in preserving natural resources while helping crypto enthusiasts get back up and running quickly with minimal hassle or expense.


In summary, D-Central’s „Hash No Cash“ program revolutionizes ASIC repair services by allowing miners access these services without shelling out cash but with broken hardware instead. It also encourages sustainability by reducing electronic waste while giving crypto enthusiasts a quick way to fix their mining rigs without too much expense or hassle.