26. September 2023

ChatGPT Predicts 8 Things That Will Happen to Crypto By 2033

• ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot, predicted 8 things that will happen to crypto in the next 10 years.
• The predictions include greater mainstream adoption and global financial network integration of Bitcoin and altcoins, DeFi growth and increased institutional investments.
• It also speculated on more countries legalizing cryptocurrency and digital assets being used as store-of-value, a single world currency for international payments, major ETFs listings, etc.

ChatGPT Predicts 8 Things That Will Happen to Crypto By 2033

ChatGPT is a highly popular artificial intelligence chatbot which has recently given its take on what could transpire within the cryptocurrency industry in the next ten years. Its predictions include greater mainstream adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) and other altcoins into global financial networks, growth of decentralized finance (DeFi), increased institutional investments, more countries legalizing cryptocurrencies, digital assets being utilized as a store-of-value (SoV), a single world currency for international payments, major exchange traded funds (ETFs) listings and much more.

Mainstream Adoption of BTC & Altcoins Into Global Financial Networks

ChatGPT envisions Bitcoin and other altcoins becoming a substantial part of the global financial network by 2030 and being used for transactions. We have seen further developments on this front in recent years with Visa and Mastercard signing multiple partnerships with cryptocurrency firms to allow their millions of merchants to accept payments via digital assets through their credit cards or debit cards. Despite setbacks in the industry last year, Visa’s crypto head recently doubled down on his company’s positive views on the matter as they believe certain digital assets “have the potential to extend beyond payment tools“.

Growth Of Decentralized Finance And Increased Institutional Investment

Another thing chatbot predicts is that there will be an acceleration in DeFi growth over the next decade along with increased investments from institutions such as banks or hedge funds. This will provide additional liquidity to these markets which would consequently lead to improved market efficiency. It is worth noting that we have already started seeing signs of this happening as some big names from traditional finance have started investing heavily into DeFi projects – most notably JP Morgan who invested $500 million into blockchain-based technology earlier this year.

More Countries Legalizing Cryptocurrency & Digital Assets As Store Of Value

The chatbot also suggested that more countries are likely to legalize cryptocurrencies over time while simultaneously recognizing them as legitimate stores-of-value (SoV). This could lead towards broader recognition by governments across the globe which may eventually pave way for wider adoption in commercial settings like payment solutions or even banking services.

A Single World Currency For International Payments & Major ETF Listings

Lastly ChatGPT speculated that we might see major ETFs listings over this timeframe while predicting a single world currency for international payments adopted by many nations across different continents within 10 years from now.