26. September 2023

Cardano (ADA) Soars to $0.4, Bitcoin (BTC) Solid at $28K

• Bitcoin price briefly dipped below $28,000 yesterday, but has bounced off and currently sits inches above that line.
• Cardano and Filecoin are the two best performers from the top 50 alts today.
• Trading volumes have declined, and even the more volatile by nature altcoins sit rather silent today.

Bitcoin Price Briefly Dipped Below $28,000

Yesterday, Bitcoin dropped to a low of $27,800 after news that Interpol had served Binance CEO CZ with a Red Notice. However, these claims were refuted by Zhao soon after which drove BTC back up to near $29,000 before it failed and went back down to $28,000 by Wednesday. Following this period of volatility, BTC has remained around this mark for the past few days until yesterday when it briefly dipped below the line. Currently however it is trading above the $28K mark again.

Cardano & Filecoin Best Performers From Top 50 Alts

Today Cardano and Filecoin are outperforming other altcoins in terms of price performance as they move closer towards their respective milestones – Cardano nearing $0.4 while Filecoin being close to entering its own all-time high territory.

Trading Volumes Declined Over Weekend

Trading activity has slowed down over this weekend as is usually common with weekends across all markets – be it stocks or cryptos alike – meaning even more volatile altcoins have become relatively quieter today than usual due to lower trading volumes overall.

BTC Sits Inches Above The Line

Although BTC touched a daily low of $27,800 yesterday it quickly recovered from there adding almost 400 points since then to trade just above the key support level of$ 28K at present time.

Altcoins Remain Silent Despite Recent Gains

Despite some significant gains made by many altcoins such as Cardano and Filecoin recently they still remain relatively quiet today due to lower trading volumes over weekends on most markets including cryptocurrencies in general.