26. September 2023

Aussies Back to 2021 Crypto HODLing Levels: Study

• 15% of Australians have invested in cryptocurrencies according to the ASX Australian Investor Study.
• 31% of younger generations are more inclined towards the crypto market than older ones.
• Most individuals have spent between $340 and $3,400 on digital currencies, while only 10% have invested over $67,000.

Crypto Investment Popularity Among Australians

The latest ASX Australian Investor Study estimated that approximately 15% of Australians have invested some of their wealth in cryptocurrencies. The figure is somewhat similar to the 17% registered during the bull market in 2021. The research further showed that young Aussies are more inclined towards the industry, with 31% being HODLers.

Demographic Analysis

According to the analysis , roughly every seventh Australian has entered the cryptocurrency market, with males (69%) making the bigger share of investors. Most individuals have spent between $340 and $3,400 on digital currencies, while only 10% have invested over $67,000. A closer look at the different demographic groups shows that youngsters are significantly more interested in the market than older generations. 31% of the so-called “next generation investors,” or those at an average age of 21, have bought Bitcoin or altcoins.

Risk Inclination Among Investors

The company that conducted the study believes younger individuals are more “risk averse than their older counterparts,“ which is why they are more likely to tolerate crypto’s volatility and enter its ecosystem. Most understand that there is cyclical nature to investing and 29% say a fall of 20% in their portfolio balances is a risk they understand could happen and another 36% saying if it suffered such a fall they would need time to recover before investing again but would still make additional investments eventually.

Older Generations Unconvinced by Crypto?

However, this data also implies that most older generations remain unconvinced about crypto investments as less than 10 percent owned any form of digital currency when surveyed back in 2021 – showing no significant growth since then despite increased mainstream adoption seen across Australia since then too suggesting it may take much longer for older generations to become comfortable with digital assets as an investment option .

> Ultimately this data suggests that whilst there has been an increase in interest from younger generations during recent times , there remains room for further growth before we see mass adoption across all demographics .